Thick substrate veneered fancy plywood

Product details
      Fancy plywood, also known as single-side decorative veneer plywood, which is referred to as decorative panel and veneer, is decorative board for single side decoration made of thin veneer with thickness of 0.2mm and above flaked by solid wood precisely, using adhesive technology and with plywood as base material. 
       The decorative panel has strong aesthetic appearance, fine and uniform material, clear color, and beautiful wood grain. The texture of the matching board and the parquet is arranged according to a certain rule, with similar natural colors, splicing seam parallel to the edge of the board, and is a superior choice for high-end decoration. 

Product parameters 
Substrates Multilayer boards, blockboards, particle boards, MDF, laminated board 
Level Special grade, first grade
Specification 1220×2440mm
Thickness 2.6mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm three-layer structure, veneer thickness of 0.20mm, 0.50mm
Density   Subject to the thickness of the substrate
Formaldehyde emission E0、E1
Water content ≤8~12%

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