Lu Li Industrial Park, industrial park is located in the beautiful and rich "Kite", "vegetable village" - Weifang, Shouguang, on the Gulf of Bohai, a total area of about 2 million square meters, a total investment of 7 billion yuan, will form the annual sales income of over ten billion yuan, profits and taxes amounted to 1 billion yuan of the national large-scale wood industry eco industrial park.
The project full use of equipment, including the world's first-class production, mainly in wood processing: plans to introduce foreign advanced production line 22, log sheet drying processing, annual production capacity of 500 thousand cubic meters, the production of various types of high-grade plywood 1 million 800 thousand cubic meters, the main products include: OSB, particleboard, timber, wood flooring, decoration board, wood technology, construction formwork, wood board, veneer and other dozens of series of hundreds of varieties.
The company always adhere to the "scientific, high-end, green development," the concept of this project to boost the upgrading of products, with advanced production equipment, first-class management and technology, some products such as: OSB, timber and other products will fully realize the plate formaldehyde free, when will successfully opened the international high-end wood-based panel market. The industry has become a new bright spot, which will bring China's wood-based panel industry to a new height.
The company actively respond to the national "12th Five-Year plan" and "energy saving" call, adhere to the "scientific, high-end, green and development" business philosophy, continue to promote the comprehensive utilization of "circular economy"; Lu Li wood eco industrial park will build a total installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation project 100MWp, laying the solar array area will reach 1 million 200 thousand square meters, the annual generating capacity reached 120 million degrees, in addition to meet the production needs of the entire park electricity, power grid will use all the surplus; the photovoltaic power generation project put into production, the annual sales income of 144 million yuan.
In order to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization project, the center of the park will build the province's largest green energy plant, the main fuel for the entire park project product remaining under the angle of material and sawdust, wood powder, comprehensive utilization rate reached 100%, with hot oil, steam energy needed for the production of the heat energy of the main factory for other factories Park in.
At the completion of Lu Li Industrial Park project, Asia's largest wood eco industrial park will become a park, scale, all kinds of wood-based panel production scale ranks first in Asia, the first national comprehensive utilization rate of timber resources processing industry, photovoltaic power generation capacity, thermal energy scale in china. By then, Lu Li Industrial Park will become a new landmark in the domestic forestry characteristic industry.
Lu Li photovoltaic technology: Shandong Lu Li Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd belongs to Luli Group Limited company, since the establishment of the group has always been to "scientific, high-end, green and development" business philosophy as the core, adhere to the high quality project as the basic goal, and strictly control the quality of supervision, continue to promote innovation, full service tracking; adhering to the "pursuit of technology, quality, responsibility, in solar module, solar water heater, solar lights, solar photovoltaic systems, wind power system production research and development and sales of electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering and security system engineering, solar energy technology development and consulting for the transfer of the core business; always in order to boost the development of new energy construction its front end practice of industry and market, with good reputation, excellent quality and high quality customer service has been highly recognized.
In addition to having a group of senior management personnel, the company also has advanced technology research and development, experimental center and a photovoltaic industry for 10 years of experience in the design and construction team. We take quality as life, technology as competition, reputation as the foundation, based on the Gulf of Bohai.